By admin on January 9th, 2013

As a consultant I work with many different customers and I connect to many Exchange servers during a year. This has lead me to try out different solutions for remote desktop connections and I have found a favorite – RoyalTS.

I will tell you right now that this is not a complete review of the product but rather my favorite features within the product and a short story about true service!

One of the things that are really important to me is of course security. To install and manage Exchange I sometimes use accounts with high permissions and I could not risk these to get in wrong hands. This in combination that I connect to many different servers (and therefor spend some time by entering usernames and passwords) leads me to a great feature in RoyalTS.


In the screenshot above you see that I have some servers organized under a label (usually a customer). To make it simple to connect I can enter username and password at the parent (mailmaster) and then use those credentials on the connections I chose to.


Of course I don’t want any credentials to leak if my laptop is stolen so all passwords are stored encrypted (and yes I use BitLocker on my laptop as well but that’s besides the point right here).

As you can see in the screenshot below there are a lot of options to each connection that can be set. One of features I use is to make sure I never connect any of my local devices to a server. The only thing I connect is the clipboard, I know this can be done from a standard RPD client (like mstsc.exe) but my experience is that these settings are often “forgotten”.


Another feature I really enjoy is the possibility to set on what screen my connections show up.


And now for a big part of the reason I wrote this blog. I wanted a small feature in the product and sent a mail to the support. A couple of hours later I got a reply asking about detail on my request and less than an hour after that mail I got this.

Hi Magnus,

I was able to implement the feature and it will be available in the next beta version (hopefully later this
week). Please keep an eye on this forum thread (or subscribe to it):


That is what I call fast service!

So if you need a great application for only $ 35 (€ 25 in Europe) I would recommend you to try RoyalTS! One last thing, no I wasn’t paid or asked to write this blog!

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